Hate What A Simple Word

April 22, 2012 /


Hate what a simple word

Hate a word that will dismay many

Hate is for the reason that many kill

All for in the name of hate

We were taught to be compassionate and loving

To treat our neighbors the way we want to be treated

With hate? How about judgement?

No, no, no, we were born for reasons beyond our means but hate was not one

How can we kill and let others kill based on hate or greed for the common good?

But what common good and for what common good is that group for?

Because common good does only good for some

With one death of an innocent comes the death of humanity.

Well then how many lives have we already taken and still are taking?

Based on what, skin color/appearances rather than actions?

Hate is something we can’t get rid of but it’s something we must not practice

Hate blinds many and leaves them cold to the fact: that there people that love them.

It’s their hate that blinds them all.

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