Wonderful Love

April 22, 2012 /


Love, ahh love what a wonderful word

The truth is that it wasn’t l o v e

It was just an illusion

Tricks up your sleeve and nothing up mine

See hearts break and are malleable

So I tried to change yours

Instead mine got torn

Ahhh love, love


Never will you?

How about in the next life I hear?

The sad thing is that this was our only life.

Trying to make it into the next one


Atrocious is how this torture ended

Love ahh love

Torture was it that?

Yes very much so

Playing mind games

Fools gold is what we had

And now I look at you and smile ’cause I know

Love ahh love you see that I hate you and you need me

So when I smile you hurt a little more inside

Ahh love, love of mine you see revenge is served better as a cold dish

So love eat up will you?

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