Lamont Chamber of Commerce Is Looking For New Members

August 30, 2012 /

The Greater Lamont Chamber of Commerce hosts a meeting once a month./Courtesy of The Greater Lamont Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Lamont Chamber of Commerce is inviting local business owners and the community to become members.

The Lamont Chamber is a group of individuals and business members devoted to better many area in the community. It’s a nonprofit corporation with a great strategy to network. They advocate business growth, encourage community involvement and improve the community’s visual image.

Unlike many other chambers, for a yearlong membership it’s only $75 per business. Individuals it’s $25.

Lamont heavily relies on the County, since it’s a township and doesn’t have tax base. Chamber members try to bring things into Lamont to draw up interest in the town.

The Greater Lamont Chamber of Commerce was formed years ago by local business members. They worked toward the betterment of Lamont. Initially all local business owners were members of the Chamber.

They would hold meetings once a month, have dinners, dances and just had a good time while knowing they were improving the community. If anybody had problems or questions, any member would work to help them out.

However, as time passed, people’s interest in the Chamber began to fade away. Now, members like Faye Holbert would like the community to take interest once again.

“If all business members were involved again, it would be awesome… AWESOME,” said Holbert.

Meetings are held once a month. They also have a stand in the Kern County Fair for recruitment and to answer questions. They highly support graffiti cleanups and other local organizations.

Business owners and community members are encouraged to join the board of the Greater Lamont Chamber of Commerce to help make a difference.

For more information, please call the Chamber line at (661) 845-1992.

By Lizette Mireles/The Greater Lamont Chamber of Commerce

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