What Are You Doing to Save Water?

June 24, 2014 /

Christian Mendez

What Are You Doing to Save Water?

By Daniel Jimenez

It has been five months since Governor Jerry Brown asked Californians to use 20 percent less water. According to the Greenfield Water District, residents have reduced their water usage by 15 percent since last year. Arvin Community Services District has seen a 14 percent decrease.

South Kern Sol asked a few people “What measures are you taking to conserve water?”

Michelle Aredondo

“I take quick showers daily and I don’t wait for the water to be the right temperature. My shower also has water saving shower head which helps out a lot. I also water the plants early in the morning before the heat evaporates the water.”

–Michelle Arredondo

Icela Gutierrez

“I take quick showers, and when I wash my clothes, I put more clothes in the washer so I can save water, and also when I help my mom wash the dishes, I only turn on the water when it’s necessary.”

–Icela Gutierrez

Guadalupe Salomon

“I used to leave the water on while bathing my horse. Now I close it while I’m scrubbing her.”

–Guadalupe Salomon

Christian Mendez

“When I clean the pavement I sweep instead of using the hose.”

–Christian Mendez

Bertha Cuate

“I replaced my washing machine, because the one I used to have used a lot of water. I water the plants and the lawn every other day.“

–Bertha Cuate

Maria Rojas

“I fixed the leaks throughout the house; I don’t wash the car as frequently. Lastly, I only water the garden once a week.”

–Maria Rojas

Brian Dolph

“We save water by not running the sprinklers in our back yard, and I don’t leave the water on when I’m brushing my teeth. “

–Brian Dolph


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