“Why Election Day is the most important day of your life”

November 8, 2016 /

By Randy Villegas

Tuesday November 8,

What seems like another date…

Is actually your opportunity to determine the future, and our fate.

You’ll vote for your president, your congressmen and your school board trustee.

The people who will determine our laws, our environment, and your opportunity.

With such a heated election cycle, many people ask the question: “why bother?”

Because the decisions these people make will affect you, your mother, and your father.

Many people lived and died for your right to vote, for your participation.

Your vote may hold the key to investing in education, over mass incarceration.

Your vote will decide whether families get to stick together, or whether they’re torn apart.

Your vote will decide whether the walls that people try to build, are stronger than the walls inside of your heart.

So take some time, learn about the candidates, the initiatives, and develop a stance.

Be loud for those who can’t vote…The ones who weren’t given a chance.

It really is important to see who will lead our future, and what lies ahead.

Who will hold our nation together as it lies by a single thread?

So take your turn, take your vote and participate in our democracy.

And if you don’t vote, don’t complain. Or else you define hypocrisy.

I’m done with my poem now, this is the last sentence I wrote.

So join me, join democracy, and get out the vote!