Fears Under The Trump Administration? Local Youth Weigh In

February 22, 2017 /

By Randy Villegas

Editor’s Note: As demonstrations amplify across Kern County around Trump’s recent policies on immigration, women’s rights, anti-LGBTQ action, or the GOP’s agenda to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, there is real fear among youth across the County. We asked local youth to think about their fears under this new administration and share them with us.

“My biggest fear is that I will lose access to healthcare. I’m afraid for my health. I have migraine headaches that I take prescriptions for, without health insurance I wouldn’t be able to afford them. The only reason I have insurance is because of the Affordable Care Act.  — Cristian Romo, 21, Bakersfield

“My biggest fear is definitely that one day I won’t see some of my friends at school. I don’t want parents to be worried about their children, wondering whether they’ll be deported or detained. I don’t want students to be worried about whether their parents are going to come home from work.” — Yessenia Aguilar, 17, Lamont

“Immigration and National Security. He’s way out of his league on both. National security is inconsistent in his (Trump’s) ideology. I really don’t know what his world view is.” — Professor Kent Price, Cal State Bakersfield

“My biggest fear is hostile takeovers, and a tyrannical government.” — Adrienne Harris, 28, Cal State Bakersfield

“My biggest fear is upcoming immigration policies and how it may affect my family, or people I know. My parents are currently applying for residency and I’m afraid that current policies might affect their process.” — Cristian Flores, 22, Cal State Bakersfield

“The separation and division between people. I feel like a lot of people are starting to divide, and I think that’s really bad for the nation going forward.” — Adam Sanchez, 21, Bakersfield

“I think he’s a bad representation of America. I fear that the American people are not going to be represented by the administration.” — Karl Taoatao, 18, Cal State Bakersfield

“The policies that are coming up are kind of selfish. He’s leading with fear when it shouldn’t really be that way.” —Pedro Gallardo, 18, Cal State Bakersfield