What Are People Doing For Fun This Summer?

July 21, 2017 /

Kaelani Burja, South Kern Sol

As summer of 2017 moves along, young people of Kern County have to find what’s fun for them to do with their free time as school is not in session. The lack of activities in Kern County for youth is a popular topic of conversation and complaint.

South Kern Sol asked young community members, “What are you doing for fun this summer?

“For fun, I like to be on my phone, go to wrestling practice and hang out with friends. During the summer, I like go out of town, so I am always active.”

      –Kayvette Osorio, 16, Golden Valley High School

“I go to my friend’s, my mom’s, or ride my skateboard for fun.”

      –Frank Ramos, 15, Foothill High School

“For fun over the summer, I usually try to hang out with my friends every once in awhile. I also stay at home and bond with my family and pets and just relax. I might also go on a fun trip somewhere. I feel there is a lack of activities to participate in our community. I haven’t really heard of much going on.”

      –Desiree Calloway, 16, Golden Valley High School

“I go swimming for fun. There’s maybe a lack of activities to do for people who are just now getting out high school. It actually does not affect me much due to the fact that I like being at my house.”

      –Kymahni Woods, 17, Golden Valley High School Graduate

“For fun, I like to hang with friends and family. I feel like there are a lack of activities in the community, and if there are activities around, I feel like they should announce them more. This will have an impact on me because doing nothing will make me lazy and likely to procrastinate when the school year starts and make my grades drop.”

      –Andy Avelino, 15, Golden Valley High School

“Usually, I tend to try to hang out with friends at their house, or I stay home and write or draw. I don’t see many activities to participate in over the summer. It doesn’t affect me greatly, but I do wish there was more stuff to do in the community, so I wouldn’t stay cooped up inside all day.”

      –Karinna Mendoza, 16, Golden Valley High School

“I play soccer, play on my phone, watch TV and swim for fun during the summer. Well, yeah I guess there is a lack of activities in the community. It affects me by not physically participating.”

      –Greko Castaneda, 10, Palla Elementary School

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