Census Bureau hiring for 2020 Census

January 9, 2020 /

The U.S. Census Bureau is ramping up its national recruiting efforts to hire part-time census takers for the 2020 Census.

The Bureau would like to hire up to 500,000 temporary, part-time census takers across the country to reach its goal of more than 2 million applicants.

“Whether you’re looking to earn some extra cash, pay down your student debt, or offset holiday season spending, our part-time positions are a great way to do that,” said Census Bureau Director Steven Dillingham. “What better way to earn some extra money and help shape the future of your community for the next 10 years than with the 2020 Census?”

The Bureau is looking to hire enumerators in Kern County, with a starting pay rate of $18.00 an hour, according to an interactive map created by the Census Bureau.

Census takers, or enumerators, interview household residents and update address lists. Prior to the census, census takers use maps and address lists to determine if the addresses are correct. They also speak with residents who have not responded to the census questionnaire, via mail, phone or online, to collect census data. Applicants who are hired will attend paid training before beginning work.

“Our aim is to reach interested applicants right now, inform them of updated pay rates in their area, and get them into the applicant pool to be considered for these critical jobs,” said Timothy Olson, Census Bureau associate director for Field Operations. “The hiring process occurs in stages, and we are encouraging everyone to apply right now before selections begin in January and February. Most census taker jobs begin training and work this spring.”

The positions offer competitive pay, flexible hours, paid training, and weekly paychecks. To determine the pay rate in a specific area, learn more about these positions, or apply for one of the temporary jobs, visit 2020census.gov/jobs.

Those interested in applying must be 18 years or older, must be a U.S. citizen, undergo fingerprinting, complete training, must be able to speak English, and be available to work flexible hours.