Local education, childcare program seeking Kern County families to sign up for program

February 16, 2021 /

CAPSLO is looking for low income Kern County families to partake in its early education and childcare services for children from 6 weeks to school entry. The program aims to promote healthy child development and prepare children to be successful in school and beyond. Facilities are open Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The program specializes in providing quality child care facilities, whether it’s homecare providers or childcare centers. Along with education for children, they also provide family and social services. The program has a team of experts in education, nutrition, and family engagement. The program also has disability and support services for those who need it. Along with this, the program also provides other resources for families in need, such as infant care and food boxes for certain families. If families are not interested in in-person services, CAPSL also provides distance learning over Zoom for students as well. With many families currently in need of support, CAPSL wants to help as many as possible. 

With current COVID-19 restrictions, CAPSLO facilities are taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of both families and staff members. CAPSLO has adjusted its hours to allow for proper sanitization of these facilities. Staff are screened everyday, along with temperature checks for both staff and children. Child pickups and drop offs are done outside. All adults are required to wear face masks at all times, and children are offered face masks throughout the day. Children are given individualized tasks rather than group activities to encourage social distancing. Toys, bathrooms, sinks, and water dispensers are sanitized after every use. 

To ensure safe care of the children, teachers and staff members are trained and follow strict guidelines. CAPSLO’s health team abides by CDC guidelines for health and licensing. Protocol packets are referred to constantly to ensure that children are taken proper care of. 

CAPSLO was first established in 1966. The program began with center base programs such as childcare centers. From there, the program expanded to provide childcare at licensed child care providers as well as home based childcare. CAPSLO reached Kern County in 1988. Here, CAPSLO began with their Migrant Seasonal Head Start Program in both the Lamont area and  Arvin. CAPSL initially focused on migrant families and families that worked in agriculture. Throughout the years, the program received more funding and steadily expanded. CAPSLO now has programs in Kern County ranging from the Migrant Seasonal Head Start Program to their 30 Head Start Program, which offers services to families that do not work in agriculture. Most recently, CAPSLO has obtained two new facilities; the Sunset Early Education Center and Ruben J Blunt.

To find more information about early education and child care, families can call 1-888-315-6741. CAPSLO provides early education and child care programs in Lamont, Arvin, Shafter, and Delano. A new program is also being provided in McFarland. Applications will be filled out over the phone, with finalization signatures being done in person, masked and socially distanced.