All but 6 zip codes in Kern fall in new state eligibility for COVID-19 vaccine

March 29, 2021 /

Governor Newsom announced anyone living in Quartile 1 or 2 of the Healthy Places Index could receive a COVID-19 vaccine, regardless of age or occupation, at the provider’s discretion. That includes family members accompanying people to a vaccine appointment, as supply allows.

The State recently announced a number of strategies to increase vaccine administration for those most impacted by COVID-19, particularly those in Healthy Places Index (HPI) Quartile 1. Efforts to date have included allocation of 40 percent of doses to zip codes within the Vaccine Equity Metric Quartile 1.  

The state is expecting providers will continue to prioritize those who are currently eligible; however, it is also giving providers discretion to vaccinate those who live in high impact areas including families, according to a news release. These areas have been identified as county HPI Quartiles 1 and 2. 

In Kern County, all but six zip codes fall within HPI Quartiles 1 and 2. All residents who live in these quartiles are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. However, the MyTurn system has not yet been updated to reflect this expansion, Kern County Public Health said.  

To assist residents, Public Health launched a page on our website that allows you to enter your home address to learn if you reside in one of these quartiles, and if so, you will receive a special code to use for scheduling a vaccination appointment in MyTurn at the Kern County Fairgrounds Mass Vaccination Clinic.   

Click here to visit Kern Public Health’s website and enter your home address to determine if you reside in a lower quartile and are eligible to be vaccinated. More vaccination locations may be able to be accessed with these codes in the future as we work with our local providers on this new expansion. 

The Public Health Call Center stands ready to assist community members to make vaccination appointments and is available to answer questions Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  

The Kern County Fairgrounds Mass Vaccination Clinic has open appointments this week from Wednesday through Sunday. Visit or call 833-422-4255.