Amazon selects Bakersfield College as an educational partner for Career Choice Program

March 16, 2022 /

Amazon has partnered with more than 140 national local universities and now Bakersfield College will also be an additional partner in their Career Choice Program, which will help employees succeed at Amazon or elsewhere. Additionally, Amazon will provide fully-funded college tuition to its 750,000 hourly employees.

In order to qualify for the Career Choice Program, employees must be working with an Amazon employer to qualify.

“Full time and part time Amazon employees are eligible for the program after 90 days and are not required to work at Amazon for a particular period of time after that; however, they are only eligible to keep participating in the program while they continue to work for Amazon,” said Heise Media Marketing and Public Relations. 

Amazon’s Career Choice Program launched in 2012 and it is continuing to partner with local universities to provide opportunities for advancement in education and career development in specified areas.

Amazon is also partnering with GEDWorks and Smart Horizon to provide assistance to help employees complete their high school for free. Employees will also get help from Voxy EnGen and goFLUENT which will provide assistance for English language learners to train in the proficiency of the language. Amazon will also provide college preparation courses for free with the partnership of Outlier.

These partnerships will help employees become better skilled at their current job or they can also improve their personal skills. These opportunities will help employees to advance in their career.

Employees will have the option of having in person classes at BC or online. Amazon is still accepting new enrollees who want to be part of this program.

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Erica Murillo

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