Governor Gavin Newsom will be partnering with the Prime Minister of New Zealand to tackle climate change

June 9, 2022 /

Governor Gavin Newsom and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern signed an agreement to tackle climate change together. Their goal is to share ideas and help each other with strategies to plan for new technologies and new innovations.

Newsom explained that people, lifestyles, and traditions are being impacted because of climate change. Communities are heating up, and droughts are becoming tougher. 

“We are increasingly all recognizing that reality as the extremes represent themselves in more challenging ways than we can ever imagine,” said Newsom. “Wildfires that we have experienced are among the most devastating we have ever seen anywhere around the globe.”

Newsom and Ardern are creating a relationship of action to accelerate the process of fighting climate change. They will learn from each other with their current experience and strategies. 

They are aiming to not just learn how energy is produced and consumed but also to create the next global industry. They are in the process of discovering the ‘how’ to make this happen. They want to achieve their goal regardless of how difficult fighting climate change can be.

“No longer is this something that we are talking about in the future, it is here and it is now,” said Ardern.

Gavin Newsom addressed that by 2035 he wants to ban new gas-powered cars, and New Zealand plans to have 30 percent of electric vehicles by that year. 

“We have a natural connection and I’m so pleased we’ve put pen to paper today to confirm that and continue our cooperation on one of the great challenges from our generation,” said Ardern.

Even though New Zealand has five million people and a smaller economy, both New Zealand and California are tackling climate change.

Clean transportation, water efficiency, and soil health are the biggest focus for both New Zealand and California. This partnership will aim to reduce emissions to improve climate change.

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Erica Murillo

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