CAPK, in partnership with Kern County, hosts those experiencing homelessness in Safe Camping site

June 27, 2022 /

The new Kern County Safe Camping area near the M Street Navigation Center is now hosting clients from vulnerable populations who have been experiencing homelessness.

More than 40 safe camping spots are now open and available to these individuals as an alternative to other public and private locations where they have created temporary homes, according to CAPK. Each space has a tent, sleeping bag, room to store possessions and a shade cover.

Residents are provided three daily meals, restrooms, showers and they can choose to access health care, mental health and social services on site.

While there is a little more structure than they would experience outside the Safe Camping site, individuals and families still have more autonomy than in a formal homeless center environment.

CAPK is operating this Safe Camping site in partnership with Kern County with the shared goal of building relationships with individuals and helping them take the first steps toward a future that includes permanent housing.