Marivel Servin: Social justice work and youth empowerment brought me joy and healing

July 27, 2022 /

Marivel Servin became politically active in hopes of understanding her culture and her role in her community. 

She helps her community by organizing events and by helping young people learn about their identity or find their power.

She decided to be part of Loud for Tomorrow because she has seen and felt the impact of the work that they do. 

“Our organization aims to empower local youth to take action to improve the quality of life in their communities. We do this by providing the opportunity for young people to be in spaces where we offer political education, give them tools for healing, and teach them to be civically engaged,” said Servin.

The main focus of the organization Loud for Tomorrow is to be a hot spot for youth to be civically engaged in their community. 

“Loud For Tomorrow has been part of increasing the youth vote over the past few years through voter registration and voter education campaigns. We have also helped address the COVID pandemic through COVID test and COVID vaccine drives,” said Servin. “We have also done issue-based campaigns to bring awareness and action to important issues that impact our community.”

Servin is also the founder of Delano LGBTQ+ Alliance. The alliance has been able to successfully advocate to declare June Delano LGBTQIA+ Pride Month and for the pride flag to be raised at city hall every June. 

“I found a sense of community and belonging. I quickly learned that social justice work and youth empowerment brought me joy and healing and I knew that organizing was something I was passionate about. I feel like I am healing my community,” said Servin.

As an organizer for Loud for Tomorrow and the Delano LGBTQ+ Alliance, Servin has been able to be part of the work of educating local youth and community around different issues through different events and educational workshops.

She said digital organizing has by far been the most effective tool. Loud For Tomorrow has been able to educate and mobilize using their social media to stay connected locally. 

“For a very long time, systems and elected officials have benefitted from BIPOC communities not being part of decision making and not being educated about the impacts of oppressive and racist policy and leadership,” said Servin. “Educating our community is critical in order to be able to shift the status quo or to create change in our communities.”

Loud for Tomorrow has a youth conference planned for early August and has different events going on in the fall to get out the vote for the November elections. 

To stay up to date and for more information, follow their social media pages for more information.


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