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Bakersfield College-Delano Campus showcases new Learning Resource Center

September 7, 2023 / By
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The new Learning Resource Center building was added to the Bakersfield College-Delano Campus to meet the growing academic and professional needs of the Delano community and surrounding areas.

Home Depot offers free workshops for kids

September 1, 2023 / By

The Home Depot in Delano and various other Kern County locations offer a free workshop for kids on the first Saturday of each month.

‘Public art should lead people to be more open-minded’: Local artist paints mural for Walmart in Visalia

August 25, 2023 / By
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Mikayla Gutierrez is a body art and tattoo artist whose artwork can be found at the local Walmart in Visalia.

Farm workers still continue to work even with extreme heat waves

August 18, 2023 / By

For some farm workers, without federal heat protection, it could mean life or death. A lot of states in the United States do not have heat protection laws.

CCAC discusses advances in Delano within the meetings

August 4, 2023 / By
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The Central California Asthma Collaborative has been advancing in Delano to provide better air quality.

“Hosting the monthly meetings has been an important process for creating a safe space where residents are able to voice their concerns with the health effects, including Asthma, that are caused by poor air quality in Delano,” said Sammie Meneses, Climate and Environmental Justice Associate.

Events in Delano for this week

July 31, 2023 / By

Looking for something to do in Delano this week? Below is a list of events that will be available for attendance for the week of July 31 through August 4, 2023.

Events in Delano for this week

July 25, 2023 / By
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Looking for something to do in Delano this week? Below is a list of events that will be available for attendance.

Sol on the Street: What is a food restaurant that you would like to see in Delano?

July 14, 2023 / By
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The city of Delano has been expanding its food options. Some of the new additions to Delano are In-N-Out, Poke Land, and Chipotle.

From the Mud clothing brand has a special dedication to the community of Delano

July 7, 2023 / By
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Adrian Alcaraz and Patrick Orque started their own clothing brand that has a special meaning not just to them, but for their community as well.

Delano, McFarland, and Earlimart districts provide free meals during the summer

June 30, 2023 / By
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Delano, McFarland, and Earlimart districts are offering free breakfast and lunch to all students.

The Delano Union Elementary School District will be serving free meals for all students at no cost.