Clinica Sierra Vista celebrates National Health Center Week honoring the work and the contributions that agricultural farmworkers do in the community

August 10, 2022 /

Clinica Sierra Vista celebrates National Health Center Week from August 7 to August 13, 2022 with different activities to provide awareness on the mission and accomplishments of America’s Health Centers across America which provide contributions to underserved communities.

On Tuesday, Clinica Sierra Vista, La Campesina, and other partners gathered together to honor the work that agriculture farmworkers do in the community. Together they provided food, raffles, and important resources to a CUADRILLA (crew) of 70 farmworkers near Arvin-Lamont.

“This awareness will really bring focus to all the work our community is doing for agriculture workers. We are here to support any way we can,” said Emily Duran, CEO of Kern Family Health Care.

Cost or lack of insurance are the most common barriers for farm workers to reach out to health care providers. Events with resources can help welcome and inform farmworks about affordable health care. 

“This event highlights all the great things that the community does, providing resources and recognizing the special population of the people and stakeholders. There are certified specialists qualified to provide assistance with affordable health care,” said Dr. Olga Meave, Interim CEO of Clinica Sierra Vista.

Providing health care access to the underserved communities can prevent medical complications that often go untreated. Agriculture farm workers are essential to the community and they work under highly physical work that can lead to injuries; therefore, health care access is a critical need for these underserved workers.

“The main purpose is to bring awareness to the community. We want to be able to check for glucose and blood pressure to see where they are at to be able to get the best quality care they can. We have multiple resources to help people with low income,” said Margarita Sandoval, Licensed Vocational Nurse.

Clinica Sierra Vista’s mission is to provide high quality health care at the most efficient cost to the underserved populations of Kern, Fresno, and Inyo Counties regardless of income status. 

“We collaborate with campesina every week to recognize agricultural farm workers. We bring resources, and many organizations to provide services and quality health care,” said Jaquelin Byrd, Marketing Coordinator.

Farm workers were very happy and grateful for the resources that they received and for raising awareness about health necessities for the underserved. 

“I am very happy that they are providing all these resources. All this is very good for all the field workers,” said Joel Silva, agriculture farmworker.

Clinica Sierra Vista chooses a “Cuadrilla Especial” (special crew) every week to provide food and resources and they have been doing this for a couple of years to recognize and honor agricultural farmworkers. 

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Erica Murillo

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