Kern Sol News highlights the hottest races of the 2022 Midterm Election

November 9, 2022 /

As the election results came to an end a few races stuck out to Kern Sol News due to the change in positions or how close the race was. The following results also show how Kern County’s political climate compares to the rest of the state. 

U.S. Representative 22nd Congressional District

Rudy Salas 51.41% LOCAL | 46% STATEWIDE

David Valadao 48.59% LOCAL | 54% STATEWIDE

Member of the State Assembly 35th District

Jasmeet Bains 58.9% LOCAL & STATEWIDE 

Leticia Perez 41.10% LOCAL & STATEWIDE 

Kern Comm College #2 Board Member

Christina Scrivner 56.99%

Jennifer Slayton 43.01%

City of Delano Councilmember

Lis Morris 28.67%

Mario Nunez Jr. 28.3%

Bryan Osorio (current councilmember) 26.18%

Kern Comm College #3 Board Member

John Antanaros 50.01%

Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg 49.99%

Kern High School #5 Board Member

Bryan Batey 52.61%

Michelle R. Shaw 47.39%

Bakersfield City School Board Member #2

Anthony Fuentes 41.52%

Judy Olsson 32.80%

Bakersfield City School Board Member #4

Laura Guerrero-Salgado 35.48%

Mary E. Poehner 35.15%

Supervisor, 3rd District

Jeff Flores 50.11%

Brian Smith 49.89%

City of Bakersfield Ward 7

Manpreet Kaur 54.41%

Tim Collins 37.01%

Measure K

“To maintain vital local services such as law enforcement, fire, medical emergency 911 response; crime prevention; recruiting/retaining firefighters/sheriff deputies; attracting industries/jobs; addressing mental health/addiction challenges; for general government use; shall the measure be adopted establishing a 1¢ sales tax in unincorporated Kern County, providing approximately $54,000,000 annually until ended by voters; requiring audits, oversight/public spending disclosures, and no money for the State?”

YES 51.23%

NO 48.77%

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