McFarland Community Health Center reopens with expanded services

June 6, 2023 /

On Saturday, Clinica Sierra Vista celebrated its grand reopening and ribbon-cutting ceremony for its newly renovated McFarland Community Health Center. Their celebration took place outside of their McFarland location where they had live music, raffles, free resources, community partners, and free food for those in attendance. 

The event also included free patient appointments and guided tours of the renovated facility.  

Chief Executive Officer of Clinica Sierra Vista, Dr. Olga Meave, is eager to welcome back the community to this improved facility. Their efforts are expanding to take care of the whole person and encompass wellness in its entirety. 

Community concerns like medical coverage and applying for Medi-Cal are also being addressed and prioritized in the community center. The efforts to improve the center go beyond remodeling the building, but also expanding patient services. 

“We did the ribbon setting ceremony of our Mcfarland Community Health Center, which was closed for almost two years during COVID So now that we’re reopening it, we want to showcase it,” Maeve eagerly explained. “We want to show the whole community that we’re back and better, because now we have a clinic with more services than before, and it’s totally renewed. Everything is new here, so it’s very nice.” 

The facility is eager to show the community the improvements and addition of services such as behavioral health. They pride themselves on being able to take care of the whole person, including mental health.  

“We have four providers of behavioral health specialists. We have insurance and enrollment assistance. We have a laboratory, and obviously, we have nursing services,” stated Maeve. 

Clinica Sierra Vista staff member Leslie Velasco actively participated in Saturday’s festivities. Velasco is part of the newly expanded team of medical professionals dedicated to addressing the Mcfarland community’s needs.  

“The community is nice and it’s nice to see the kids and the parents come walking and go scooters and bikes and park in front of our clinic. It might be a small town, but at the end of the day, we have more time for one-on-one time with our patients and more communication… and making them feel welcomed,” Velasco stated.

The grand reopening event was part of Clinica Sierra Vista’s efforts to be actively involved with the community and address their needs. Community awareness of the clinic’s return and improvement is one of their priorities. 

“We’re reaching out to the whole community via postcards and mailers. We want to make sure that the whole community knows that clinical service is back. We’re present, and we want to get involved with everybody here,” said Maeve. 

Dr. Meave and the Clinica Sierra Vista team welcome feedback from the community and look forward to years of serving the Mcfarland community. 

“We want to hear from you. We want to hear how our services are, and what else we can do to support the community. We want to partner with our elected officials, with organizations, our school district, with everybody that is a leader in the community so that we can better serve them,” Meave commented. 

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