Free resources for BC and CSUB students

July 27, 2023 /

California State University (CSUB) of Bakersfield and Bakersfield College (BC) are two of the more well-known higher education institutions that offer Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees plus support for transferring students.

Some resources students can utilize from both campuses are highlighted below. 

BC continues to add modern updates with the intention of investing in its students. Many changes include access to new technologies including a fully online bookstore where students can order physical or ebooks 24/7. Pick-up for bookstore orders will be available in the same location as the old store, and students are encouraged to bring used books back for cash. 

Since 2015 BC students can enroll in four-year programs like the Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Automation (INDA). Graduates can pick from a variety of industries like Energy, Logistics, and Food according to BC’s website. There are three levels of completion: certification, associate’s degree, and bachelor’s degree. 

Other services BC offers its students is free access to basic needs like food through their Renegade food pantry. Although it’s just for students, it offers a robust selection of clothes, drinks, and fresh products like produce.  During the summer students can utilize the space for groceries or help signing up for government assistance like SNAP. 

On the third Thursday of every month, the Renegade Pantry hosts a farmers market. Due to Covid-19 related provisions, many students felt the expansion of their benefits for food and other necessary. However, because these additional benefits were due to the pandemic it is now being threatened by reductions. 

Caitlyn Davidson, the BC Basic Needs program manager spoke to news outlets about how the pandemic and loss of benefits has been affecting traffic in the campus food pantry.

“Not as many students are on campus during the summertime, but this year our pantry has consistently stayed busy. Before we would see maybe a few hundred people a week. Right now, we’re consistently seeing between five to six hundred people per week,” Davidson stated. 

Future college students or current students can reach out to their campuses’ Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) for assistance with child care, academics, and registration for classes, and they provide general support to help guide you through your college experience. 

For both BC and CSUB, there will be a significant change in financial aid opportunities for California foster youth and current students who were formerly in foster care. State Senate Bill (SB) 307, if passed, will expand the Middle Class Scholarship that is available through financial aid and it will include a way to apply for fee waivers to have 100% of tuition paid for. 

During the summer CSUB has resources open and ready for use by students and the community. 

Community members are encouraged and needed to volunteer to sustain the edible garden. Interested students or residents can directly contact the edible garden at This website will show an array of links to resources including the campus food pantry, Cal Fresh benefits and assistance applications, and updated information for food distribution days.

Similar to the community college, CSUB offers a food pantry that is open to its students Monday through Thursday this week, and they provide updates to schedules and hours on the CSUB website. On their site they provide a list of food items the community can donate. Students can utilize this service by adhering to their point system which is explained online, and the pantry is located next to the Student Union closest to the parking lot.

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