Community meeting at Ford City Park: push for Latino and Indigenous representation in Taft

August 19, 2023 /

Tomorrow, a meeting will be held at 4 p.m. at Ford City Park in Taft to learn more about increasing Latino and Indigenous representation in the community of Taft. 

According to Angel Ruiz, an organizer of this meeting with the Dolores Huerta Foundation, the goal of this meeting is to ask all elected leaders in the Taft area to change their system so that each elected leader must live in the area they serve. 

“Right now, all elected leaders in the Taft area live in the same affluent neighborhoods while the growing Latino and Oaxacan communities live in another and have no say at all in how decisions are made or funds are spent in schools, health care systems, or city even though they pay an increasing share of the taxes collected,” Ruiz stated. 

Ruiz continued by saying that they are asking that the Taft City Council, Taft City School District Board, Westside Health Care District Board, Taft Community College District Board, and the Taft Union High School District Board will all be asked to draw maps that keep the Latino and Oaxacan communities together so that they can be represented and elect leaders who actually live in their neighborhoods. 

Refreshments will be provided and the meeting will take place at 609 Cedar Street, Taft, CA, 93268. 

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Victoria Rodgers

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