Sol on the Street: What makes life beautiful?

September 1, 2023 /

Sometimes it can be easy to get caught in the stress of life and forget the beautiful things. It’s important to slow down every once in a while to remember what makes you happy. Kern Sol News asked community members throughout Kern County, “what makes life beautiful to you?”

“The things that I think make life beautiful are kinda odd but who isn’t odd?

The first thing is kids! I think that they help make life beautiful because of how pure they are. They always ask questions about anything and everything, just striving to know more. They never give up on a mission to find something new. I say all of this because I work with Tk and Kinder! They are always asking questions about my life and always giving me new things to learn every day!

Another thing is animals. Why do I think animals? Just because of how loyal any animal can be to the right person. Animals have a great sense of emotions and how people are feeling. They can detect if they need to cheer up their person or not, just by smelling. My dog loves to cuddle, and she isn’t a small dog, but she knows when I need the cuddles the most, and when I just want her to sit next to me.

Lastly, I want to say family makes life beautiful. No matter if it’s someone who is a family member by blood or someone you have known forever but isn’t a family member. Family helps push you to be the best you can be, and it’s amazing. They will always have your back for things and will never turn on you. I know this because my first best friend ever was my great-grandma, she is my rock to this day.” – Megan Adams, 20

“To me, life is so beautiful for a few reasons at the top of the list would have to be my wife and children who all always show me their unwavering support and love day in and day out. Seeing their smiles and hearing their laughs can bring the greatest joys and brightest light to the darkest days it can really turn a bad day around quickly I love them all so much.” – Eddie Molina, 26

“What makes life beautiful is that life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it.” – Jane Rath, 23

“My children and my family make life beautiful. My children give me a purpose and make me strive to be a better mom and a great example for them. And my family makes life beautiful because they love and support me.” – Ashleigh Fernandez, 36

“What makes life beautiful is having a good environment to live in and being able to live in a world where everyone is treated equally. If we all treat everyone with respect the world would be a much more beautiful, better, and peaceful place.” – Sophia Corpuz, 12

“Something I think makes life beautiful is flowers. Flowers are beautiful because they make life colorful. Also, when you are given flowers as a gift it makes your day because it shows someone cares about you or was thinking about you.” – Alyssa Meza, 12

“What makes life beautiful to me is the endless possibilities we have in life. We can wake up and work towards the life we desire. We can choose what we want to do every single day, and that is a blessing.” – Ivy Randall, 24

“Relationships make life beautiful to me. My relationship with others, with God, and with myself. The joy of sharing laughter, a sunset, deep conversations, or just a meal with a friend makes life feel full. There’s something so rich and meaningful about a life spent and shared in the company of others. It allows us to love and see the world in new ways. My relationship with God brings me overflowing peace. I feel whole, confident, and secure in him. Having my own relationship with God is beautiful to me because it allows me to see the goodness in myself and in others. It gives me purpose and, in turn, gives me life. My relationship with myself is one of my favorites because in that, I have both peace and joy. I have both security and love. Being comfortable in my own skin and finding beauty in my own energy makes life pleasant. For my joy and peace is not solely based on external things but bubble up from within. This love makes life beautiful in every season.” – Elon Henderson, 23

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