How Delano’s small businesses embraced holiday magic and community spirit

December 25, 2023 /

During Delano’s festive season, some of the community’s small businesses weren’t just offering products — they were also weaving stories, culture, and community into their offerings. 

Littlesoycandles: Embracing Sustainability and Nostalgia

Leslie Yanez Ramos, owner of Littlesoycandles, stands out for her commitment to sustainability and crafting eco-friendly handmade candles. These candles, created from thrifted items, not only contribute to the environment but also evoke nostalgic scents that reconnect individuals to their cultural roots.

During the holiday season, the business’s focus was on merging cultural essence with popular tastes in candles. 

“I blend both cultural inspirations and the preferences of my customers. It’s about making their season warmer and forging connections to themselves and their families through scents that resonate,” Yanez Ramos shared.

The experience at Littlesoycandles goes beyond just purchasing. Customers are encouraged to browse comfortably, explore scents freely, and engage in conversations. Yanez Ramos is always available to answer queries, ensuring a personalized and pleasant shopping venture for every visitor. 

A Decade of Scent-sational Journey with Scentsy:

Esme Mariano, a Scentsy consultant for over a decade, embarked on her aromatic journey inspired by a scent at the Kern County Fair. Starting as a customer, she fell in love with home fragrance and embraced the opportunity to share it with others through Scentsy.

Apart from providing quality products, Mariano actively engages in charitable events, giving back to the community that supports her business. 

She participates in various charity drives, like the Women’s Legion Club’s Santa’s Workshop, where children pick gifts for free. Esme allocates her proceeds to support the event and the Women’s Legion Club, emphasizing her commitment to community causes.

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