Sol on the Street: High school seniors’ thoughts before graduation

January 29, 2024 /

With their high school graduation quickly approaching, some seniors may be stressed or anxious about what’s in store for their future. Kern Sol News asked seniors at South High School about their high school experiences and what their plans are after they graduate from high school.

First, the seniors were asked about some differences that they noticed between their junior and senior years and how it affected their mental health, and this is what they had to say:

  • Perla: “The workloads will be different but in senior year, there’s more focus on applications for what college you’re going to. This year is more depressing and stressful than last year because Is trying to prepare us for what we’re going to do after graduation and, it is stressful for me because I don’t know what to do after graduation.” 
  • Isabel: “Honestly, there’s no difference at all — but there’s a lot more stress to figure out what to do with my life.” 
  • Ryan Perez: “This year I’m getting more done than I wanted to do last year and this year is different than last year because last year I felt a little bit lower than this year.”
  • Stephania Moreno: “I feel this year is more rushed than last year. I have more things to do with college applications and looking for scholarships. Last year it was slower, this year it’s everything. I feel more stressed for sure I feel like last year in the beginning it was kind of stressful but this year any more stressful than last year.”
  • Angelica Gante: “This year, half of my classes were very fun and another half of my days were challenging. Overall it’s better than last year, I like this year more. This year is more calm and relaxed. I’m behind with some stuff other than that I catch up pretty quickly this year is more relaxed than last year I say The only stress of parts is college application and that’s it just filling in deadlines.”
  • Jose Jurado Avalos: “This year is different because I have more responsibilities. I’m feeling good this year, but I do feel a little more stressed this year.”

Some seniors from South High are still finishing their college applications and, some of them are still looking for the right college. Here are some responses from them about it:

  • Perla: “It was not hard because I haven’t done it yet.”
  • Isabel: “I just finished my application on November 30. I had a lot of problems with my application and transcript.”
  • Ryan Perez: “Yes I finished my college application and it wasn’t hard because I am BC bound so it was easy.”
  • Stephania Moreno: “I finished my CSU application and I have my UC application, it was hard but we have a little bit of support if you have questions we just go ask counselors to help us it was hard I mean it was time-consuming it was not that hard.”
  • Angelica Gante: “I have not finished my application, just some of it was kinda hard.”
  • Jose Jurado Avalos: “I have not finished my college app and it was hard.”

Finally, Kern Sol News asked these seniors what their plans are for after graduation. All six seniors from South High thinking of going to college after graduation. Here are their responses:

  • Perla: ”I plan to work and do a year program in college.”
  • Isabel: “I started the application for the military and completed my college application. I’ve been looking for trade schools. It’s too much to choose from. I’m not 100% sure yet but I have options.”
  • Ryan Perez: “After graduation, I’m going to go to BC for two years and transfer to CSUB for human researchers management.”
  • Stephania Moreno: “I plan to go to college, but specifically a UC.”
  • Angelica Gante: “I plan to go to college and then get a job.”
  • Jose Jurado Avalos: “After graduation, I’m going to a 4-year institution.”

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