Kern County Public Works prepares communities for heavy rainfall with free sand distribution

February 2, 2024 /

The Kern County Public Works office has delivered free sand to nine different locations throughout Kern County in anticipation of the upcoming storm and heavy rainfall. Each location has a pile of sand, but residents will need to supply their own shovels and sandbags. 

Empty sandbags can be purchased at local hardware stores. Listed below are location details and Google Maps Plus Codes that can be plugged into the Google Maps search bar to give an exact location.

Bakersfield Sandbag Station

Exit from Alfred Harrell Highway onto Goodmanville Access Road. On the east side of Alfred Harrell Highway.

Google Maps Plus Code: C3P9+QF9 Bakersfield, California

Frazier Park Sandbag Station

At the intersection of Mt. Pinos Way and West End Drive, head northbound on West End Drive.

Google Maps Plus Code: R2FQ+F4M Frazier Park, California

Lake Isabella Sandbag Station

Located north of the intersection of Kneale Avenue and Suhre Street.

Google Maps Plus Code: JGHG+G3C Lake Isabella, California

Lebec Sandbag Station

Just off Exit 207. South end on Lebec Road.

Google Maps Plus Code: R4PP+HFR Lebec, California

McFarland Sandbag Station

Northwest to the intersection of Elmo Highway and Scheitlin Avenue.

Google Maps Plus Code: MQQF+M4H McFarland, California

Mountain Mesa Sandbag Station

Head south on the intersection of Dogwood Avenue and McCray Road and the Sandbag Station will be on the right.

Google Maps Plus Code: JHMR+P6H Mountain Mesa, California

Pine Mountain Sandbag Station

On the southeast corner of Mil Potrero Highway and Symonds Drive. Located on Symonds Drive across from Mil Potrero Frontage Road.

Google Maps Plus Code: VR2J+755 Pine Mountain Club, California

Shafter Sandbag Station

South from the intersection of Madera Street and Industrial Farm Road. Follow south on Industrial Road and turn right, into the parking lot.

Google Maps Plus Code: GV6R+7CP Shafter, California

Tehachapi Sandbag Station

On the southeast corner of Tucker Road and Highline Road.

Google Maps Plus Code: 4G5M+P2C Tehachapi, California