Delano’s fresh faces and new spaces this year

February 6, 2024 /

As we welcome a new year, Delano, CA has opened space for new businesses. Below are some establishments to look out for.


In the spotlight of a new era, Agape, renowned for its vegetable starts and jumbo paks, is now under new ownership. Agape is expanding its horizons by introducing a myriad of supplies and services. Beyond being recognized for outstanding vegetable starts, they’re proud to now offer high-quality landscape trees, an array of shrubs, and vibrant flowers. Embracing a broader vision, Agape is not just a destination for plant enthusiasts; they are a go-to for comprehensive landscape solutions. The added services include landscape maintenance and installation, as well as irrigation maintenance and installation. Agape has curated a diverse range of supplies catering to the needs of local landscapers. 

2001 Girard St. Delano, CA.

For more information, visit @agapenurseryandlandscape on Instagram.

Prime Performance Academy: 

Prime Performance Academy, founded by Angel Jasso, Casey Jasso Jr., and Gabriel Ulloa, embodies a commitment to empowering local athletes in the community. Growing up in Delano themselves, these coaches united to deliver resources to aspiring players, fostering an environment where young talents can ascend to their highest potential. Distinguished by personalized 1-on-1 training, Prime Performance Academy is dedicated to sculpting well-rounded athletes through structured programs including focus on: strength and conditioning, flexibility, agility, newly installed batting cages, pitchers mound, private lessons for baseball, softball, and in the near future, a golf simulator. The facility is a hub for individuals in the area, providing a convenient and close-to-home space for comprehensive training. 

For more information contact (661)370-5861 or @primeperformanceacademy661 on Instagram.

XS Muscle Delano:

XS Muscle Delano is a new fitness-focused business, offering a range of services including meal supplements, meal prep, protein pastries, protein shakes, energy drinks, and pre-workout shots. They boast a diverse menu of specialty drinks and freshly baked pastries, catering to health-conscious individuals with sugar-free options. With a focus on supporting fitness goals, XS Muscle Delano provides convenient and tasty solutions for those looking to enhance their nutritional intake and overall well-being.

619 Cecil Ave, Delano, CA 93215

For more information contact (661)-778-0428.

El Puesto, Sabores de Mexico:

El Puesto introduced its new opening in Delano, “Sabres de Mexico”, to the community where they offer delicious food inspired from their humble beginnings as El Puesto Cocina, in Bakersfield, on the corner of Mt. Vernon and Brundage Ln, with a few new delicious surprises. “Truly a menu capturing all the Sabores De Mexico!”. El Puesto hosts live entertainment along with specials every day of the week such as Taco Tuesday, Margaritas and Karaoke, Cumbia Thursday, Mariachi Friday, The Prestige Band, and Sunday Brunch.

2240 Girard St Ste. B, Delano, CA, 93215

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