Kern Family Health Care hosts community event in Delano to enhance healthcare access and quality

February 13, 2024 /

In Delano, California, Kern Family Health Care organized a community event with the main objective of gaining deeper insights into the unique experiences of members and communities in the Northern region of Kern County, including Delano, McFarland, Shafter, Wasco, and Lost Hills.

The event aimed to address the pressing issue of equitable access to healthcare in Kern County, a concern that impacts residents across various demographics.

Kern Sol News was on-site to cover the event, providing a platform for residents to voice their opinions and concerns regarding healthcare access, quality, and trust in the local healthcare system. The attendees were split into groups to discuss these three questions: 

  • Is it easy to get medical help?
  • Is the care you get good? 
  • Do you trust the medical system?

During group discussions, participants shared valuable insights that shed light on the challenges and opportunities for improvement within the healthcare landscape of Delano.

Group Discussion Insights:


– Participants highlighted the importance of clear communication and quick referrals when accessing healthcare services.

– However, some residents expressed difficulties in accessing specialized services, such as dental and autism care, due to a limited number of providers and extended wait times for appointments.

– There was a consensus among attendees that the complexity of navigating the healthcare system often leads to confusion regarding coverage and out-of-pocket expenses.


– While there have been improvements in coordination of services, participants raised concerns about the responsiveness of healthcare providers and the quality of care received.

– Some residents reported feeling disregarded by providers based on their insurance coverage, leading to a perception of indifference towards their healthcare needs.

– Delays in receiving referrals and long wait times at clinics further exacerbated frustrations among residents seeking timely medical assistance.


– Building trust in the medical system was identified as a crucial factor in ensuring positive healthcare experiences.

– Residents expressed concerns about perceived delays in referrals, which led to suspicions of profit-driven motives behind healthcare decisions.

– Additionally, residents highlighted the importance of respectful and attentive communication from healthcare providers to foster trust and confidence in the system.

The insights gathered from the community event will inform Kern Family Health Care’s 2024 health equity strategy, aiming to address the identified challenges and enhance healthcare outcomes for residents of Delano and neighboring cities. Moving forward, there will be continued community outreach initiatives and opportunities for residents to participate in shaping the future of healthcare in Kern County.

Aubrey Jasso

Aubrey Jasso is a reporter based in Delano, California. University of California, Berkeley Alumni.