Rising entertainment platform prices prompt concerns among consumers

February 21, 2024 /

By Daniel Flores Meza

Over the last few years, the prices of entertainment platforms have been on a steady incline, causing many people to be upset with the increased prices. 

Stephanie Valdivia, a local history teacher at McFarland High School shared her insight on the increase in prices. 

“I am not happy to see more fees increase, but I understand every company must do what they need to do but it’s not something I look forward to and reconsider on the accounts I have,” said Valdivia.

She is not happy because of the price and how they rise all the time. Valdivia believes Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus had a reason to raise the price. She believes every business is going to do what they think is best and thinks it’s a challenging thing and that other platforms will raise their prices as well. 

She stated that she would reconsider paying for all those streaming platforms because she believes they are too high in price and does not look forward to paying them all at once. 

“People who live in motels or colleges have it a lot harder to pay for these services because college students will not be able to pay since they are in college and will not be able to afford those payments as they go,” Valdivia explained.

Furthermore, as for the people who live in hotels they won’t be able to afford the payments because they are having an additional hard time because paying rent is more of a priority rather than paying for some streaming services. 

Another McFarland High School teacher also shared his thoughts on the continuous increase of prices by these streaming platforms. 

Esteban Gonzalez is the McFarland High School math teacher. He subscribed to Netflix around six or seven years ago and his favorite show on the platform is “The Ranch” due to his liking for comedies. 

“Netflix won’t be around for 100 years just because the price of the monthly pay raises from time to time,” said Gonzalez. “People are going to get sick of it and eventually move onto another platform and subscribe there instead of Netflix.” 

This switch would depend if the newer streaming service ended up being more affordable or cheaper to pay rather than paying the demanding high prices for other services such as Netflix and Hulu. 

Gonzalez also explained how he streams Netflix and said, “It kind of depends if I’m at home on TV or if I’m out doing something else where I have to wait probably on my phone,”

Taking into consideration the demanding rising prices and also considering the fact of how much a person has to spend monthly for internet services and even buying a smart TV to be able to watch these services at home on a much bigger scale. The choice in the end rests with us on whether or not we choose to pay these escalating high ongoing prices.

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