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McFarland residents protest city council’s decision to hold GEO appeal hearing during pandemic

April 20, 2020 / By
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The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t stop McFarland residents and neighboring communities from getting in their cars Sunday to protest the McFarland city council’s decision to hold the crucial GEO appeal hearing during a time the community can not physically gather safely. 

COMMENTARY: Why did it take a pandemic to recognize the need in foster youth?

March 24, 2020 / By

It isn’t all that uncommon for former foster youth to live in poverty after transitioning out of the Foster Care System. 

COMMENTARY: It takes a special person to be a great foster parent

February 12, 2020 / By
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When people think of foster care, they often think of the youth in the system. But foster parents play a key role in helping these youth grow into responsible young adults.

COMMENTARY: Medicating foster youth isn’t always the answer

January 24, 2020 / By

It’s not uncommon for foster youth to be put on medication for a long period of time.

Foster youth speak on how to improve foster care system

January 7, 2020 / By

Thousands of children across the United States are placed into the foster care system for various reasons.

COMMENTARY: Foster youth need more mentors in their lives; where can we find dedicated mentors?

November 25, 2019 / By

I was just two years old when I was placed in the foster care system in Kern County.

Kern Complete Count Committee launches 2020 Census canvassing efforts for hard-to-count communities

November 6, 2019 / By

The Kern Complete Count Committee launched its community-based census education outreach efforts last week at the Martin Luther Kind Jr.