Community comes together to celebrate Pride Month at first Pride Pugla

July 1, 2021 /

Many Kern County residents attended the Delano LGBTQ Alliance first’s Pride Pulga Sunday in celebration of Pride Month.

Marivel Servin, LGBTQ Alliance lead organizer, said it felt amazing to be able to organize and bring the City of Delano a safe space where people  can openly and freely be who they are.

“The Delano LGBTQ+ Alliance hopes to continue hosting a Pulga every year. We hope we don’t have to wait until next year to continue the celebration,” said Servin. “We’re already planning to host bi-monthly drag shows, open mic nights, and workshops for the community to enjoy year round!”

Biviana Camacho, community organizer, said they planned this event because they wanted to bring the community together and create a safe space for the whole community.

“It makes me feel really happy. This is something that we’ve been planning for over two months,” said Camacho. “A lot of stress, sweat, and tears went into this and just to see it finally here and people are coming by and telling us how great this is it’s just really emotional and makes me really happy.”

Camacho said a lot of events were planned throughout the month of June in Delano in honor of Pride Month. The LGBTQ alliance helped get the approval to have a Pride flag flown at city hall, held a Pride march, and ended the month with a big event – the Pride Pulga.

Sabrina Shaypigg, a Pride Pulga attendee, said she was there to show her support to the whole community and talk to others and let them know that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way.

“I feel really good, it feels really nice. The energy is flowing really cool, and there is a different vibe when you’re around creative people,” said Shaypigg.

Sarai Yvette Mendoza, another Pride Pulga attendee, said she felt so alive and just loved how many people can come together to show their support and celebrate.

“I am here supporting a bigger purpose,” said Mendoza. “I feel like the support of the freedom of who you are, what you believe in, and what you want to do should be celebrated.”

Pride month has come to an end, but there is not an end to celebrating and supporting the LGBTQ community. The Delano LGBTQ Alliance is already planning to hold year-round events.