Sol On The Street: Why did you get vaccinated?

June 1, 2022 /

The city of Wasco held a vaccination clinic on May 29, at St. John the Evangelist church.

Both Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer vaccines were available and those interested were able to get their first dose, second dose, and the third and fourth booster. 

Gilberto Reyna, Mayor of the city of Wasco, said these vaccination clinics are very important to have in the city of Wasco since only 54 percent of the population is vaccinated.

“My goal for the next council meeting which is on June 6th is to get 1,000 gift cards to get 1,000 people vaccinated,” said Reyna.

Kern Sol News was able to ask Wasco residents why they chose to get vaccinated and this is what they had to say:

“I came to get vaccinated because I want to be healthy. I want my parent’s to be healthy too and they are already vaccinated, I just needed to get vaccinated and my brother.”

-Lucero Alfaro, 16

“I don’t want to get sick that’s why I am getting the vaccine. Like my sister, our parents are already vaccinated, so I felt like I needed to get vaccinated to protect them too.”

-Christopher Alfaro, 14

“I got my vaccine because to be immune to the virus you have to get vaccinated. I know I can still get sick, but it won’t be as bad as if I didn’t get the vaccine.”

-Bryan Sanchez, 15

“With the vaccine, I feel safer, and I keep my family. I also want to keep my community safe and with having the vaccine, I can.”

-Anahi Medina, 16

“I am happy that they offer these clinics here in my town because they make it easy to get my second dose of the vaccine.”

-Ana Luna

“I already have my first dose and second dose and I came to get my booster shot because I feel safer with that extra shot.”

-Juan Carillo

“I am 94 years old and I came to get my fourth booster vaccine to protect myself from COVID because I am more at risk of getting COVID than others.”

-Hilagrino, 94

The next vaccination clinic in Wasco will be on June 26 at the old courthouse, 810 8th St. Wasco CA 93280.