Wasco’s youth shares their reasons for getting the COVID-19 vaccine

June 28, 2022 /

The City of Wasco held a vaccination clinic on June 26, where free vaccines, COVID tests, boxes of food, hand sanitizers, masks, and other resources were provided.

The Mayor of Wasco, Gilberto Reyna, provided $50 gift cards to Wasco residents that got vaccinated as an incentive. A total of 93 people were able to get vaccinated at this event.

“The vaccination numbers/rates are so low in the City of Wasco, we are one of the lowest in this area. This city has a low vaccination rate compared to other cities and that is the reason why the city council of Wasco decided that this is a good way to get vaccination rates up and keep our residents healthy,” said Reyna.

Reyna said getting vaccinated is very important in the City of Wasco because they have a high rate of infections.

“In the City of Wasco, the infection rate is over 40 percent. This means 40 percent of our residents have been infected. Our vaccination rate is a little above 50 percent and there is a direct correlation between the low vaccination rate and the high infection rate so I would tell people not to risk it,” said Reyna. “This is a nasty virus and you can get very ill from it. Having the vaccine can prevent you from having severe COVID symptoms and possibly save your life so please vaccinate.”

Kern Sol News asked young Wasco residents why they chose to get vaccinated and this is what they had to say:

“I chose to get vaccinated because I do not want to get sick with COVID. I want to stay healthy and I want my family to be healthy too.” – Jose Ruiz, 10

“I came to get vaccinated because COVID is scary and I do not want to get sick. With this vaccine, I can be safe from this virus. I want to be healthy and take care of myself and this vaccine will help me if I were to get sick.” – Yahaira Ruiz, 15

“I want to protect my family from getting COVID, so that is why I came to get vaccinated. I know that with this vaccine I can stay away from COVID.” – Yaretzi Garay, 11

“I chose to come here and get my vaccine because I do not want to get sick. My parents told me that with this vaccine I won’t get sick and it will help take care of me.” – Angie Guillen, 10

“I came to get my vaccine today because I don’t want to get COVID. When I go out somewhere and I am around people, I will feel safe now because I got this vaccine.” -German Guilen, 12

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