Sol on the Street: What is a food restaurant that you would like to see in Delano?

July 14, 2023 /

The city of Delano has been expanding its food options. Some of the new additions to Delano are In-N-Out, Poke Land, and Chipotle. Kern Sol News asked people in the community of Delano what food restaurants they would like to see in Delano.

“Delano has many diverse food options but one place I’d like to see is a Firestone Grill or Korean Barbecue spot. More so, a restaurant where families and friends could spend time together. I would also like a steakhouse place. I think this would be a great addition to our small city.” – Jasmine Guerrero

“A restaurant I hope comes to Delano is Dave’s Hot Chicken. Dave’s Hot Chicken originated in Los Angeles and was franchised out nationally recently. They serve chicken tenders and chicken sandwiches and you can choose different heat levels according to your liking. In Los Angeles, people travel up to an hour to get a hold of the juicy seasoned chicken and it’s unlike anything we have in Kern County. Having one in Delano would help our local economy because people from other Kern County towns and even neighboring Tulare County towns would travel to Delano to eat here.”  – Angelica Barrios

“I would absolutely love to see a Raising Canes here in Delano. The chicken and bread combo is so good, especially the Raising Canes sauce.” – Cassandra Benavidez

“I know this isn’t a food restaurant, but I would love it if Delano could have a Costco. I just love their pizza and having a Costco in Delano would save me the trip to Bakersfield and money just to get pizza.” – Jessie Lopez

“The restaurant I would like to see in Delano is Chick-fil-a. Personally, I enjoy chicken meals and the service is also very quick, the staff is extremely friendly, and the food is tasty. I typically get the spicy deluxe chicken sandwich and a sweet tea.” – Michelle Morfin

“Not sure if many people remember, but Delano used to have a Wendy’s. I’d love to see that back. I was so sad when they tore it down for I believe three dealerships that failed.”  – Cynthia

“A restaurant I would like to see is a dine-in place where family and friends can hang out. I would like a restaurant like Texas Roadhouse.” – Gabriela Torres

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