Bakersfield College-Delano Campus showcases new Learning Resource Center

September 7, 2023 /

The new Learning Resource Center building was added to the Bakersfield College-Delano Campus to meet the growing academic and professional needs of the Delano community and surrounding areas.

The new Learning Resource Center building offers an opportunity to expand existing services and resources on campus while also bringing new opportunities to support the student population on campus.

“The LRC building will house our core student services, including counseling/advising, financial aid, career advising, Disabled Student Programs & Services (DSPS), Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS), and AB540 Student Support Program. The new building will also feature resources including a new library, writing center, tutoring center, and student pantry,” said Brian A. Rodriguez, Director of Rural Initiatives & Adult Education at the BC-Delano Campus

The BC-Delano Campus offers 16 associate degree programs and 13 certificate programs, with more being added soon. 

Students can take classes across a wide range of academic areas including business, early childcare, history, biology, psychology, public health, HVAC, and construction management.

“This additional space will enable us to provide new degrees, such as our degree program in Construction Management, that we launched this fall. We plan to continue this growth by offering more courses to meet students’ academic and career needs, while also fitting their busy schedules,” said Rodriguez.

The Learning Resource Center building contains a new library for students to check out books, study, and utilize a new computer lab.

The first floor of the building is dedicated to student services (library, writing center, tutoring, financial aid, etc.), and the second floor of the building is dedicated to instruction space and faculty offices.

“The BC-Delano Campus is committed to meeting the educational needs of students in the Delano community and surrounding areas. The resources and services offered by the Delano Campus ensure that students receive the college experience, locally,” said Rodriguez. “We understand that students residing in rural communities, such as Delano, are confronted by geographical and non-academic challenges, so we strive to support student success through access and equity.”

Rodriguez said construction of the building was a multi-year project, with funding for the new building stemming from the Measure J bond passed in 2016 and from CA state grants.

“We’ve seen tremendous growth this year, we’ve doubled our student enrollment at the Delano Campus this semester,” said Rodriguez.

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