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South Kern Parents Voice Their School Funding Priorities

October 17, 2013 / By

A large group of parents and their children crowded into the Myrtle Avenue Elementary School cafeteria to make their voices heard on how school districts should be spending their money.

This Year, Bakersfield ‘Guelaguetza’ Takes Center Stage

October 10, 2013 / By
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By Daniel Jimenez for South Kern Sol

BAKERSFIELD — Every year, twelve cities across California play host to “La Guelaguetza,” a celebration that honors the cultures and traditions of indigenous communities hailing from the Mexican state of Oaxaca.

My Sister’s Story: ‘Broken’ Taillight Leads to Deportation

October 7, 2013 / By

By Anonymous for South Kern Sol

Editor’s Note: California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed into law a bill (AB60) that will allow undocumented immigrants to have driver’s licenses, making it potentially safer for those immigrants to drive without fear of deportation.

Why Aren’t More Youth Applying for DACA?

October 1, 2013 / By
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By Nancy Lopez for South Kern Sol

Nearly fifteen months after the Obama administration announced Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), approximately half of all eligible immigrants in California have yet to apply.The program offers temporary legal status to qualifying undocumented immigrants who entered the country at or before age 16, and who have lived in the United States continuously since 2007.