Biviana Camacho

Biviana Camacho is a youth reporter for South Kern Sol. She is part of South Kern Sol's Delano branch.

Posts by Biviana Camacho:

Delano residents say they see opportunity for community with new city council

December 9, 2020 / By

Official election results from the 2020 election show there has been a shift in the Delano City Council, as the five-person council has a majority of members who lean progressive.

Sol on the Street: With distance learning continuing for many, students find new ways to cope with pandemic

November 18, 2020 / By

Students across the nation were not expecting to remain in distance learning for as long as it has gone on.

City of Delano begins installing cameras around town to assist with investigations, considers installing more at parks

August 11, 2020 / By

The City of Delano began installing surveillance cameras around town last week as a way to help the police department with investigations.


August 6, 2020 / By

Porque vivo en una comunidad que es predominantemente de bajos ingresos y trabajadores agrícolas, es importante para mí que la comunidad obtenga toda la ayuda que necesita.

COMMENTARY: Let’s help our community get informed about food distributions

August 3, 2020 / By

Living in a community that is prodominantly low-income and farm workers, it is important to me that the community gets all the help they need. 

Delano community gathers for vigil dedicated to ending violence

July 28, 2020 / By

Community members of Delano gathered for a vigil in front of Delano’s City Hall a week ago to bring together families who have lost a loved one to violence. 

Delano approves proclamation that declares June 2020 Pride Month

June 26, 2020 / By

After a year-long effort, the City of Delano has approved a proclamation that declares June 2020 Pride Month. 

COMMENTARY: From ‘illegal to essential’: Thousands of farm working families struggle to get through pandemic

April 15, 2020 / By

I have grown up watching my parents head to work in the harshest weather conditions year round just to bring food to the table for my family and I.

Young advocates in Delano are getting LOUD with hopes to better their community

February 6, 2019 / By

A group of students in Delano are taking on a lot more than just school work.