A vigil will be held in honor of community activist, Daniel Landeros

September 25, 2023 / By
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Daniel Landeros, a community advocate and teacher, tragically lost his life to gun violence on his birthday, last Monday night at Yokuts Park.

Elizabeth Martinez is pouring into the community that she loves one connection at a time

September 22, 2023 / By
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Elizabeth Martinez grew up in Arvin to farmworker parents who planted a seed in her that grew into a desire to help her community in any way she could. 

Kern County Public Health recognizes EMS Week 2023: honoring those who provide emergency care

May 23, 2023 / By
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This week, Kern County Public Health has joined the county’s emergency medical service providing partners in recognizing EMS Week 2023: “Where Emergency Care Begins.”

Local leaders discuss how they prioritize their mental health

May 19, 2023 / By
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Prioritizing mental health can be difficult for many people especially when busy. Many local leaders have a variety of roles that keep them on the go every day.

The battle between big oil and Central Valley residents: targeting low-income and communities of color

May 11, 2023 / By
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The battle between the Big Oil industry and Central Valley residents continues as the industry persists to target low-income and communities of color.

Sol on the street: If you had a magic wand what is one thing you would change in your community?

April 28, 2023 / By
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We asked Delano youth if they had a magic wand what is one thing they would change in their community and this is what they had to say: 

Segio Millan

If I could change something in my community I would make a  major decrease in inflation.