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Grimmway Farms, two labor contractors cited for serious safety violations in case of Bakersfield farmworker killed while picking carrots

June 26, 2024 / By
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Rosa Miriam Sanchez and her children. (Photo provided by family)

Cal/Osha, the state agency that regulates workplace safety, has issued serious safety violations against Bakersfield ag giant Grimmway Farms, labor contractors Esparza Enterprises, and M&M Labor in the case of Rosa Sanchez of Bakersfield who was run over by a truck while picking carrots on September 20, 2023. 

Latest 2022 Midterm Elections results

November 9, 2022 / By
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These results are from the Kern County Elections Office. As of 9:46 a.m., 24,312 of 25,603 (95.1%) precincts have partially reported their results. 

Health officials predict a COVID-19 surge in the following months

October 14, 2022 / By

Health officials predict a COVID-19 wave to hit in mid to late October and will rise in January.