COVID-19 vaccine distribution falls behind for Latino population in Kern

February 22, 2021 / By

Despite Latinos making up an overwhelming majority of Kern’s COVID-19 cases and deaths, less than a quarter of the vaccines administered in Kern have been given to Latinos, according to state data.

CDC now recommends double masking with tighter fitting masks

February 17, 2021 / By

A new CDC report shows that double masking can lower the transmission of COVID-19. 

“This is a physical covering to prevent droplets and viruses from getting in so if you have a physical covering layer with one layer, and another layer on it just makes common sense,” said Dr.

‘We can’t afford to wait’: It’s time Kern prioritizes people of color during COVID-19 vaccination rollout

February 12, 2021 / By

For all of us who live in Kern County, this is one of the most chilling headlines we can read: “How is vaccination going in Kern County?

Study finds farmworkers fear seeking medical attention during pandemic

February 10, 2021 / By

A recent study reports the need for policy reform in order to aid California’s essential farmworkers as data shows that farmworkers have had an increase in anxiety due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Adventist Health Tehachapi to launch mobile COVID-19 vaccination clinic

February 9, 2021 / By

In an effort to accelerate the countywide vaccination effort, Kern County Public Health is partnering with Adventist Health Tehachapi Valley to launch a mobile vaccination clinic beginning Monday, Feb.

County officials stress vaccinating those 65+ before moving forward with other groups, blaming vaccine shortage on State

February 9, 2021 / By

The Kern County Board of Supervisors stressed vaccinating those 65 and older before moving on to other groups in California’s vaccination plan.